What is a website?

In the simplest of words, the collection of web pages is called a WEBSITE. Provided the web pages are accessible to the public and share the same domain name. Web pages can be one or more depending upon the requirement or nature of the same. Each web page carries its own purpose and despite being individual, still connects to the content of the website.
There are endless variety of websites as we all know, from educational websites, e-commerce, social media, public forums to what not. No matter the content of pages, as long as the domain name is same any web page can be connected and called a website.
WEBSITE is the central location of web pages which can be reached by using a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For eg., can make you reach the home page of WEBECOM Media Pvt. Ltd.  File extension like .html or .htm is not necessary for a web page.
To reach any website, a browser of course is required (for eg., Internet Explorer, Google, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.). Once the browser is selected, the desired website can be reached by entering the URL in the address bar. And if the URL of the website is not known, different websites can be searched on the search engine with their key words and can be accessed easily.
To add more information, Hyperlinks are added to certain topics/words which can take you to other web pages containing information about that particular word or topic. Hyperlinks are super effective when it comes to connectivity. Since there should be a limited data on single web page, hyperlinks help in staying within the thread.
There are billions of websites in the world today and getting one is as easy as it sounds. Any business, organization, individual or government body can get a website made and make their purpose, product or service visible to the world.
On a website, one can find information about any topic, varieties of music, videos and movies of all kinds of genres, communication platforms, and almost anything to shop, and lots of promotional advertisements. And thus, being useful as well as a powerful tool , it has gained such enormous fame in the last few years and continuing to grow. 


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