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The role of the chemical industry as a key facilitator of economic growth is well established worldwide. From the ubiquitous cell phone to solar panels that produce carbon-free energy and LED lights that provide efficient lighting, everything is possible thanks to the products of the chemical industry. In India, the chemical industry occupies a fundamental position to meet basic needs and improve the quality of life as well. Although India is severely deficient in conventional hydrocarbons, the country has a well-developed refining industry that provides several basic raw materials for the chemical industry.

The chemical sector, which is intensive in knowledge and capital, is the pillar of industrial and agricultural development, and provides building blocks for later industries such as textiles, papers, paints, soaps, detergents and pharmaceuticals, among others. The fertilizer and agrochemical industries guarantee food security and, therefore, are vital to India agricultural and developing economy. Similarly, the synthetic fiber industry is crucial to providing affordable clothing, and the pharmaceutical industry gives the country vast population access to low-cost medicines.


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