A landing page on your website is a page designed to convert the site visitors into leads. Landing page is basically a form that allows you to capture a visitors’ information in exchange for a desired offer. If you will have more landing pages on you site then it has been found in a recent study that it will increase the marketing lead. There is a concept of monetary value that can be applied to the logistics behind a landing page where you are exchanging equally valuable information depending on which side of the exchange you are standing on.


Step 1: A person sees a form on your website landing page and fills it.

Step 2: As the person ends up filling the form details it brings him from the Site visitor to a lead.

Step 3:Now the information from the form page then gets stored in your Leads database.

Step 4: Then you go on to contact or lead based on what information you have for marketing.

A nurtured lead is more likely to become a marketing qualified lead and more through marketing terms faster.